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I twirled what resembled fettuccine Alfredo around my fork in endless circles, entertaining myself with the sounds of the fork scraping at the bottom of the plate. My date, having scarfed down his “meal” in a blaze had spent most of the evening making love to a toilet seat, while I spent the night flirting with a limp noodle. Boredom seeping deep into my skin, I glanced around and spotted a portly 9 or 10 year old burning out his eyelids with the back-light from an Iphone. His face was round with freckled cheeks and his hair glowed red in the dim lighting. He was wearing ripped jean Capri pants and what looked like a spaghetti-sauced Adventure Time t-shirt. He hunched over the edge of the table top, laying his arms on the surface as he lowered his neck and lunged head first into the phone. His face was blank and sunken as he bested the flickering screen at a staring contest. Apparently, shooting the undead with flaming peas in Plants vs. Zombies was more interesting than having an eye-sight at the age of 30. I snickered a little, but something in my gut began to turn and it wasn't the Alfredo. I looked at the man and women sitting across from him. They were wearing glasses, hair just as flaming, eyes just as glued to their own devices. I watched. Occasionally the boy would peer up from his game, pausing the screen just as a zombie hoard had been dealt with to shoot a glance at what I could only assume were his parents. They'd do the same, but would never come up for air soon enough to see one another. All of them, lost in little worlds that didn't even exist, wasting away their family get-together so they could seclude themselves even further. I turned back to my fettuccine, even with  its off-white sauce and oddly crunchy texture I found it to be a more endearing sight.
Player: Caucasian male, age 8-10, short wild red hair, capri jean pants, leaning on a table, playing with an iphone (fictional)

Playing: Plants vs Zombies iOS version. (...I guess. >.>) (real game)

This was made for the "Through your eyes" contest.

This is based off of a real event, but its not that event exactly. All the characters are completely fictional, but the situation actually happened, with the family and phone devices....

Yea, seeing that was disheartening.

Word Count: 330
phoenixleo Featured By Owner Sep 4, 2013
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Nilson-6719 Featured By Owner Jul 23, 2013  Student Writer
:( I've seen this happen from time to time, myself. I understand why my parents apparently took away my gameboy and only gave them back for when we did long road-trips. Now it's our phones, if we can still call it that anymore. This is a good read, definitely got me to thinking!
HereLizaKnight Featured By Owner Jul 23, 2013
Thanks, I'm glad you like it! :D
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